Platform Guidelines

Building great experience for the Developer's community

We want developers to have a great experience building on the essCert API Platform. We believe that building a vibrant developer ecosystem around essCert benefits everyone involved and helps our mission to make internet business personal.

We've written these guidelines for anyone using essCert products and services to show you how to use our API and share best practices with you and continue to build new and exciting products and services.


Like everything in life, there have to be some rules of engagement which is why we've drawn up these developer guidelines. Yes, they're written in legal terms to protect you and us, but we've tried to ensure they are as simple as possible. We want to point you towards opportunities rather than focusing on what can't be done.

Using Service and Product Responsibly

Our products, services, and brand are essential to us, and we ask that you do not do anything that might damage them.

  • We expect data produced with essCert products to be represented transparently and honestly.
  • Don't misrepresent data or metrics created by our products.
  • We expect you to use our products and services to help serve your customers.
  • Don't re-sell, re-purpose or license, any data obtained from essCert.
  • Don't use our products to create a service that competes with essCert or infringes our copyright.
  • We've spent years building and refining our products to serve you best. Don't reverse engineer the platform.
  • Don't use spiders, robot crawlers, data mining, or similar tools to scrape the essCert API.
  • Respect our rate limits. Don't overuse our APIs or resources – we expect you to comply with any fair usage guidelines we publish from time to time.