DTO API Environments

A peak over available DTO API environments for the developers.

DTO API has support for two environments - UAT and Production. Each environment has one or more base URLs defined. Please note that while they are named DTO APIs, the APIs work for both DTO and essCert.


UAT APIs are used throughout this documentation, where developers can test out their applications by directly interacting with our staging environment.


Production API

All our live traffic flows from the below production URL.



API Version

The DTO APIs current version is v1.


Switching Environments

In order to allow users to test our products, endpoints on this documentation point to the UAT environment (URL: https://api.tradecert2.net/).

Once you obtain the user credentials for the production environment post app development, you must switch the URLs of endpoints to Production environment (URL: https://api.tradecert1.net/)