Diving into DTO nomenclature

DTO has several terminology differences to make it easier for less tech-savvy users. There are references to documentation standards used across the API and day-to-day business transactions. We have tried to cover the majority of the commonly used terminologies throughout the API documentation and endpoints.

Agent AccountA local or regional Chamber that acts on its behalf or a service provider who has permission to stamp, approve/reject, edit, and submit documents.
Agent ReferenceAgent Reference is a unique piece of information that is assigned to any application that gets created on the system. It is a 9 digits number that starts with the current year (18 for 2018, 19 for 2019...) followed by 2 capital letters (the initials of the user profile that created the application in the first place).
Agent UserA user enabled to act on behalf of an Agent Account.
Attachmentssupporting documents accompanying a CO application, which are not certified by the Chamber.
Certificate of Origin (CO)A document certifying the origin of goods. There are two key types of CO named Preferred and Non-Preferred. Please refer DTO for additional details.
Certificate FormatsThere are various forms of Certificates such as EU Certificate, AT.R, etc., that can be managed in DTO.
ClientExporting companies who are submitting the certification application.
*eApplication and eDelivery Previous known as DIY Service. Chamber issued eCO to the applicant, who receives it and other certified documents as a PDF(s). Exporter/forwarder can print out the CO at his office or home (advisable to print the CO on a colour printer); or the PDF(s) can be emailed to the importer to print, if necessary.
eApplication and Paper COPrevious known as Full Service. Chamber prints the original CO and supporting documents, hand stamps and manually signs. Completed documents are sent back to the exporter/freight forwarder by courier or collected in person at the Chamber.
DTOA digital solution for managing applications of CO and other documents requiring certifying by a Chamber of Commerce or other Authoritative Body. The solution is provided by ICE Digital Trade.
eVerificationOnline verification system for Customs & other Authorities (
Free Trade Agreement (FTA)An FTA is a treaty between two or more nations to reduce barriers to imports and exports amongst them. Under the FTA, goods can be bought/imported and sold/exported between these countries with lower or zero government tariffs, quotas, subsidies, or prohibitions.
Formal UndertakingAllows Chambers of Commerce to ascertain from Traders a formal commitment that the information provided by the Trader, on the certificate application and corresponding export/commercial invoice, is true and correct.
HS CodeThe Harmonised System (HS) code, is an internationally harmonised 6-digit code developed by the World Customs Organisation (WCO) for the classification of goods for export or import purposes.
ICC CO Accreditation ChainAs part of the CO Accreditation Chain, chambers become globally connected with their peers and reassure businesses, traders, banks, and customs administrations that their COs have been issued according to the most stringent and harmonised standards from trusted third parties.
Other Documents application (OD)This feature allows the user to upload supporting documents that need to be certified by the Chamber, such as the commercial invoice, packing list etc.

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