ICE Digital Trade Origin

Managing Electronic Certificates of Origin (eCOs)

DTO provides Chambers of Commerce, Authorizing Bodies, Exporters and Freight Forwarders with a secure, online tool for the application and issuance of electronic governmental and quasi-governmental trade documents such as Preferential and Non-Preferential electronic Certificates of Origin (eCOs), EUR.1, ATR.1, EU / EC Certificates of Origin, Arab Certificates, USP Form A and many more, along with relevant supporting documents such as Commercial Invoices.

DTO combines the best of essDOCS' electronic Certificate of Origin (eCO) solutions – ICE DTO, TradeCert (est. 2005) & eCertify (est. 2008) – with next-generation technologies to offer the world's most powerful eCertification solution for global trade.

Available Documents/Certificates

ICE DTO digitizes all required origin, movement + trade docs, with key doc types listed below.

  • Various Country Specific Certificates of Origin (i.e., AU, AIG, AR, IE, LV, SI, UK, etc.)
  • Arab Certificate of Origin
  • AIG Declaration of Origin
  • EU / EC Certificate of Origin
  • GSP Form A
  • ATR / ATR.1 Movement Certificate
  • EUR-MED Movement Certificate
  • EUR.1 Movement Certificate
  • International Import Certificate
  • Invoice Declaration
  • Miscellaneous Certificate
  • Other Supporting Documents
  • ATA Carnet (coming soon)
  • Various Free Trade Agreement Certs, i.e.:
    - ChAFTA
    - IE-CEPA
    - JAEPA
    - KAFTA
    - MAFTA
    - PAFTA
    - SAFTA
    - TAFTA